Agency Flood Resources at Advisen’s 2015 Property Insights Conference – New York

This week Agency Flood Resources, Inc. (Agency Flood Resources) will be participating at Advisen’s 4th annual Property Insights Conference in New York City that takes place on June 4, 2015. The event is expected to bring together over 350 risk management and insurance professionals.

Dan Freudenthal, President of Agency Flood Resources, will be a panelist at the Flood Risk Management and Insurance session that will gather flood risk industry experts to share their insights and discuss how to proactively assess and manage flood risk, and how to leverage this information to improve flood coverage, reduce flood insurance costs, increase asset values and protect assets. Topics will include flood modeling, correcting inaccurate flood maps, NFIP and private market flood insurance, mitigation standards and products, lender issues and how carriers price flood insurance.

“Flood is the most common and costly natural hazard peril in the United States, both historically and today. In this post Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy world, it is becoming extremely important to know how to accurately assess and manage flood risk. Correcting inaccurate flood maps is the first step.” said Dan Freudenthal.

As a nationally recognized expert in the area of flood risk, Mr. Freudenthal has been an active speaker at risk management and commercial real estate conferences about the topics of flood risk, flood insurance, flood zone correction and elevation certificates, and has published numerous articles in commercial real estate, risk management and insurance industry publications.

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